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Image by Fernando Brasil


Lexy is PHENOMENAL at what she does. She's extremely professional and leaves me feeling confident and beautiful. She has great customer service and brightens my day with her welcoming personality. She listens to what I want and is informative and knowledgeable! I can’t recommend her enough! I get so many compliments on my lips from friends. If you’re debating filler, Lexy is your go to girl!!

She’s so good at what she does!! I got my lips done by her for the first time and can I say it’s the best I’ve had my lips done. I’ve had them done previously and this experience was 10X better.

I loved every time she was putting the needle in “there will be a little poke”

I had been wanting lips for years! After years of looking at reviews and before & afters, I wasn't confident I was going to end up with results I loved. I was referred to Alexis and all of the indecisiveness went away. From the initial phone call to aftercare, I felt she had nothing but my best interest in mind. If you want true professionalism...  and amazing results... you need to book with Alexis!

Alexis is absolutely, without question, the one you want to go to when you want the best results. She's thorough, highly informed, takes the time to listen and understand your vision and tailor the process to what will be the most successful, realistic, and safe for you.   She knows how to work with what you've got to help you achieve your desired result. Trust the professional and the process! Each person is different, and that's exactly why you need a professional like Alexis on your side.

I LOVE ALEXIS! She is extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to be the most educated in all areas of aesthetics. She provides the best treatments and makes sure her clients have the best results possible. She is extremely kind and makes you feel welcome. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for my aesthetic needs!

I’ve researched numerous clinics and finally chose to book with Alexis. I definitely made the right choice! She’s amazing!! First of all she’s very qualified. Don’t go to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I was shocked at what I found when I’d ask how much experience people had.  She’s very professional. She explains everything she’s doing and answers any questions that I have. She’s got a great personality which makes me so comfortable too! She explained why it’s best to do lip fillers slowly over time, avoiding migration. I’m so glad she did! Others told me that I could add more right away. No way! I’ve had 3 injection sessions so far and the results have been beautiful. I had NO upper lip before. Now I do. It’s super exciting! If you can see my profile picture (it hasn’t been updated on google) you can see how small it was. Now it’s what my husband calls “lusciously kissable” lol. I can’t recommend Alexis highly enough.

Alexis is an expert at everything she does! She explains things very thoroughly and is very knowledgeable about all the procedures. I was nervous at first  but she put me at ease and I will continue to be a client of hers for the long haul! I highly recommend Crafted Skin Clinic!!! I’d give more stars if I could!!

Alexis is seriously the best!! I have gone to her for neurotoxins (Dysport) in my forehead and dermal filler in my lips. She explains the entire process, answers any questions and makes you feel very comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend her & I will be going back to her again and again.

I received masseter Botox from Alexis to treat my TMJ. It was my first time and she made me feel super comfortable. It was pretty much painless, just a little poke. What stood out the most to me was how much time she took to answer my MANY questions lol and she really knows what she’s talking about. She’s just really pleasant to talk to in general and for me that’s a big part of the experience. While I was still there I booked another appointment to see her for fillers—highly recommended!!

Alexis was the definition of professionalism. She made sure to explain the steps of the procedure, and took the time and answered all my questions. She also has a soft touch which is appreciated with a profession like hers. I will definitely be back, and I refer her to anyone who mentions being interested in this area. I couldn't be happier ☺

had been wanting to get my lips and forehead done for years. I had heard from many friends and people how amazing she is and not to go to anyone else. So I booked my appt. I hate needles so i was beyond nervous which is what took me so long to come in. I got there and the Suite she wasin was absolutely Spotless and loved the decor. She was extremely thorough with explaining what all would be done and every single step that was going to happen. This helped ease my nerves. She could tell I was extremely nervous and told me I would be numbed first and that she switches out needles every so many pokes so I have a constantly sharp needle to make it less painful. She got a ball for me to squeeze and a handheld device that vibrated to help ease me which it worked Amazingly. As she was doing the procedures she would tell me right before the poke so I wasn't surprised every time. This also helped me alot. I am not good with pain of any kind or needles and I can not say enough how she did everything she possibly could to make me as comfortable as possible. I could not have picked a better place to go. I definitely will keep coming back and her professionalism and how she cared so much to make sure I had the best experience possible I appreciate so much. Thank you again for how amazing my lips and forehead look and for helping me feel at ease. I can't wait to come back for many more procedures!

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